Empty Dreams

Empty Dreams is a a narrative experience about finding oneself in which the player explores a world of consciousness and memories.




Created in the Winter 2018 Worldbuilding class (DESMA 171), taught by Eddo Stern


Unity, hand illustrations, mesh extruder


Jingjie Chen  :  Game Designer

Empty Dreams is a journey about finding oneself, about heading towards destinations that are origins. It is a narrative experience where the player explores a world of consciousness and memories. The elements that construct this world are drawn from fragments of memories and emotions, which are somewhat autobiographical of my own experience. Player wakes up in a forest, and starts climbing up a giant mountain of memory fragments and subconscious symbols. Through exploring the world alone, players get a vague sense of the narrative structures and emotional undertones. Player encounters an imaginary friend once in a while, and he will reveal more about the memories, identity, and philosophies behind the construction of this mountain of consciousness.