Internship Week 1 – Introduction, Maya, Goals

Posted on March 8th, 2012
by Jonathan Cecil

Game Lab interns Jonathan and Joshua here this week, and a couple things have changed since the previous year. We’ll begin with a little new and re-introduction.

Jonathan: I’m a returning Game Lab intern for round two, and this time I’m looking forward to working on something, anything that would be a step up from the previous year. I don’t have any exact plans on the end project which will be a game created through Unity and Maya, so anything for the most part is up for discussion between me and Joshua.

Joshua: I am a new intern here at the Game Lab, and I was previously interning in a research lab also in UCLA. I’m looking forward to learning some new things, and excited to learn to use these programs. Hopefully Jonathan and I will be able to make a great game and learn a lot about Unity and Maya.

Former intern Justin will not be here this time around due to personal aspirations. Joshua will take his place for the current term.

To start off the first week, we have been spending time watching tutorials on using Maya to get a feel for the UI and modelling. We know that Maya in general takes years to master, but we should have, by the time the internship is over, learned a couple of tricks here and there and have the skill required to generate a prototype game. There is no consensus as of now for what the game will be, but within the next few weeks, there should be a confirmed concept to work on.