Public Restroom Simulator 3000

A polemical game about the often ignored normalized dichotomous space of public restrooms.




Created in the Fall 2014 Games & Performance Class (DESMA 171), taught Eddo Stern


Unity3d, acrylic, smartphone, wire


Jonathan Solichin  :  Game Designer

Public Restroom Simulator 3000 Demo from Jonathan Solichin on Vimeo.

In Public Restroom Simulator 3000, the player starts as a working male, finds a public restroom in the town, and pees easily. Subsequent levels increase the difficulty of peeing, simulating the gender differences highlighted in the bathroom space. The game goes on to explore other typologies of the population and the differences between their ease to find relief in basic bodily function.

Players interact via gyroscope within the mobile phone in order to immerse them into the experience and highlight the platform.