Marinated Guide To Game Making

A marinated guide to game-making to help those in need.




Created as a personal project.




Michael Luo  :  Game design, concept, visuals, and programming

Marinated Guide to Game Making is a manifesto disguised as a graphic novel disguised as a Twine game. The text in this work is sourced from a collection of game design fundamentals books, often with contradicting and controversial claims, and sometimes downright misogynistic ideologies. This work subverts these isolated claims by contradicting them with each other in a labyrinth of hypertext interactions and putting the “fundamental rules” of game design in contrast with ironic, sarcastic drawings/comics. Through this subversion, the work aims to manifest a manifesto against the established rules of the games industry and encourage players to make any game they want beyond the confines.

There are many many nodes, so if you find yourself stuck in a loop, it probably says more about your interests than about the work. 🙂