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Ddook Ddak Kimbap!

Two teams attempt to build a spring roll by stealing ingredients out from underneath the Dokkaebi's tentacles.


Ring By Spring

It's senior year of college and graduation is quickly approaching, leaving young women with two options: get hired or get engaged.



Shit happens, so we might as well help each other. Meet you at the summit. This is the pursuit.


One cup of juice

One cup of juice is a game that converts a two person human relationship into an orange juicing machine.


Wizard Takes All

Wizard Takes All is a live computer game performance that pits a mob of farmers against a wizard in possession of boundless audiovisual powers.



A virtual reality environment highlighting the atrocities of nuclear weaponry.

Fromage à Trois - Screen Gameplay

Fromage à Trois

A magic cart opens a portal to an alien sky on your ceiling. Save the falling cheese beings!

Hull Loss - Net View

Hull Loss

Participants make paper airplanes and launch them through a series of mechanically animated scissors.