Coordinate Quest

Posted on February 2nd, 2011
by Alex Rickett

Tonight at 6 is Coordinate Quest, a game by Tom Sennet whom you might remember as the quirky developer behind games like Tom Sennet, Procrastinator and the perhaps slightly more interesting but no less ridiculous RunMan: Race Around the World.

The goal is to assemble a team and coordinate together to find all the MACGUFFIN MUFFINS before anyone else. Upon finding all muffins, each team can email Tom Sennet with the coordinates for ETERNAL GLORY. Alas, finding these muffins is no easy task, Tom explains, “it’s not merely a matter of walking around to find these muffins. There are obstacles – obstacles which can only be overcome by skill, cunning, and coordination.” Check out the full description of the game here, and once you have your team assembled, sign up here.