CamStudio (PC)

Record footage of your game in action for promotional videos.

If you want to make a trailer for your game you’ll need some sort of screen recording software. You also want to record the screen with everything running full speed, so a lightweight screencap program like CamStudio that can export lossless video and audio is perfect.

Tip: Go to Options > Video Options > Camstudio Lossless Codec for Compressor, and uncheck Auto Adjust. Set > quality 70 > keyframes 200 frames > capture frames 5 > playback rate 200 > max framerate > configure > lzo > ok > back to options > check record audio from microphone > default input device > volume (this is your captures  video volume) > close > ok > audio options for microphone > choose compressed format > pcm > ok > interleave every 100 milliseconds checked > ok > choose region > choose fixed region > select > fixed top-left corner checked > draw a frame > ok > options > keyboard shortcuts > setup some shortcuts (I like f8 to record/pause and f9 to stop/save and f10 to cancel).

You can also do fullscreen recording instead of a region. If you do this you might want to right click on your game exe and go to properties > compatability > run in 640×480 screen resolution so that your video will only be 640 x 480 pixels (smaller video size)