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I’m So Glad You Came

Players use a lifecasted, penis-shaped, sperm-shooting joystick in order to move a matching penis on screen and fertilize objects.

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Juggle is a minimal arcade game inspired by early video games that maps digital space to physical space.

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Alexander Doggus

Alexander Doggus is a wheelchair-using dog who used to be the world’s greatest show dog.



The year is 2222. Earth has frozen over and there are no survivors.



This work explores the relationship between acquired synesthesia, simulation sickness and life as a banana.


Pin Pon

Pin Pon is a game about online dating. Using a leap motion controller, players try to bounce stuff off their part of the table and into the opponents. Its always a match!

Guattari Hero - John Brumley

Guattari Hero

Guattari Hero is an experimental economic rhythm simulation of consumer experience through's related item feature.



Apoptosis is a video game about a lot of things, but mostly about mental illness.



Last Day on Earth is about the world ending.

Primal Nest - Detail

Primal nest

Primal Nest is an experimental 3D video game where the viewer can navigate the virtual landscape through an inter-vaginal perspective.


Word Shift

Shift letters around the board to form words that cascade off and reveal new letters.


Space “Invader”

Space "Invader" is a polemical video that parodies the classical Space Invaders game but with a colonial narrative.

Ephemeroptera - Boss Battle Gameplay


You are Cu, the captain of the newest model of mobile aerial combat weaponry EXO. With the help of Fin, you are to defeat the System.

Black Friday - Gameplay

Black Friday

Battle for gifts and yuletide glory in a gruesome Christmas-shopping spectacle.

Mind Asylum - Gameplay

Mind Asylum

Use a Wiimote to control one of three personalities of a schizophrenic man with multiple personality disorder.



A vertical platformer with trees.


Off Rail Rescue

An explosion in the neighboring boom-town has set their buildings ablaze! What's more, its destroyed the only railway out of ton and sent flaming tumbleweeds sky high!

Exit Palette - Logo

Exit Palette

A puzzle-platform game based on RYB subtractive color theory.



After landing on a strange but peaceful planet you learn that your are equipped with the tools to talk to the creatures residing there...



Tickleplane is a game for 6 people that uses the keyboard as a gestural input.

Tower Defense

Burn and Turn

Capture the princesses and defend your tower - available on several mobile platforms!

Exodus - Gameplay


Piece by piece, change the huge gray city to a small, colorful town.

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A sensory deprivation game in which players must manage their senses and abilities to destroy or evade their opponents.



Play through five interconnected levels of Lewis Carroll's poem, getting new perspective on the world with each level.

Rabbit Kingdom - Full Game

Rabbit Kingdom

A four player competitive game. Players controls both above-ground humans and below-ground rabbits to inflict insanity on the other players.


Monkey Soup

A monkey must navigate through a hostile environment with the help of a robot built from pieces of his spaceship.


Tube Monkey

Help the monkey avoid distractions and find his spaceship in the center of the planet.



Play Russian Roulette against Brandon with a six-barreled revolver.


Material Girl

Flog and flirt with your crowds of suitors to make all the money you can.


Body Hack

An interactive game performance system where users match their bodies to iconic poses in pop culture.



The player controls a boy and a girl, one at a time, as they explore a cave.

Flatland ARG!!! - Post-Game Celebration

Flatland ARG!!!

Flatland ARG!!! is a team based augmented reality game with costumes, props, Nokia tablets, spy balloons, physical stamina, and strategy.

Deiti II - Deiti Tattoo Detail


Detonate all the angry deities by arranging chain reactions.

Rhythm Game

Rhythm Game

A sight-reading music game using overhead projection and the Arduino controller to create an immersive interface


Gemini Rue

Gemini Rue: a retro, neo-noir, full length, point ‘n click, dual-narrative adventure.