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Pop Culture Princess

Pop culture is everywhere! Whether it be in the movies or on the radio, little girls can learn tips on how to be a grown-up lady anywhere! From commercials to the magazine racks at the grocery store, celebrity role models are ready and willing to teach the youths how just exactly to be a Pop Culture Princess!



Outcast is a game that addresses the issue of dehumanization of homeless people.



A multi-media puzzle game to uncover the plot for a New World Order.

Primal Nest - Detail

Primal nest

Primal Nest is an experimental 3D video game where the viewer can navigate the virtual landscape through an inter-vaginal perspective.



Installation of regional redesigned chess variants, with new game pieces developed that sculpturally convey their rules of movement and relative power on the board.


Word Shift

Shift letters around the board to form words that cascade off and reveal new letters.


The Iron Range

A game of labor, globalization, and mining set in the Iron Range of northern Minnesota.


Space “Invader”

Space "Invader" is a polemical video that parodies the classical Space Invaders game but with a colonial narrative.

Mom Actually - Game Bits

Mom Actually

Balance love and weight as you try to raise your children in the modern world.


Eco War

Play as nature or corporations - control or die!

Space - Gameplay


Control full or halftime operators for a directional and diplomatic twist on checkers.

Out - Game Board Detail


A game of self-discovery, courage, fear, faith, love, expression, and triumph.

Ephemeroptera - Boss Battle Gameplay


You are Cu, the captain of the newest model of mobile aerial combat weaponry EXO. With the help of Fin, you are to defeat the System.

Black Friday - Gameplay

Black Friday

Battle for gifts and yuletide glory in a gruesome Christmas-shopping spectacle.

Mind Asylum - Gameplay

Mind Asylum

Use a Wiimote to control one of three personalities of a schizophrenic man with multiple personality disorder.

Decibel - Reception Card Detail


A trading card game about the inherent shallow nature of popular dance music.

FOB - Game Bit Detail


Reconstruct your self identity as a non-native U.S. citizen.

Paper Sons - Game Box

Paper Sons

Attempt to immigrate to the United States through Angel Island.

Puff - Mouth Detail


Puff follows the journey of different kinds of smokers as they trade the items and tools necessary to feed their cigarette habits.



A virtual reality environment highlighting the atrocities of nuclear weaponry.


Food Insecurity

Play as a low-income individual balancing money, health, and dependence while trying to meet your daily caloric requirements.



This is a game about meat and the ever-conflicting information regarding whether or not humans should be eating animals.



Navigate the American school system as an Asian-American student

Fromage à Trois - Screen Gameplay

Fromage à Trois

A magic cart opens a portal to an alien sky on your ceiling. Save the falling cheese beings!



A custom game controller for Mark Essen's NIDHOGG

Pacwars - Game Board


Pacwars is a four player, team-based board game based on Chess and Pacman.



A vertical platformer with trees.


Off Rail Rescue

An explosion in the neighboring boom-town has set their buildings ablaze! What's more, its destroyed the only railway out of ton and sent flaming tumbleweeds sky high!

Exit Palette - Logo

Exit Palette

A puzzle-platform game based on RYB subtractive color theory.



After landing on a strange but peaceful planet you learn that your are equipped with the tools to talk to the creatures residing there...



The oldest player takes the weapons bag and gently scatters the contents over the board.

Donkey Kong Tower Bomb - Tower Top View


The tower was built in such a way that it is extremely dangerous for more than three intruders to ascend the tower.

Los Angeles Loves You - Traffic Jam Gameplay

Los Angeles Loves You

You are a sad, sad commuter in the city of LA, trying to get to work on a Monday (or Tuesday, or Wednesday...whatever.)



Tickleplane is a game for 6 people that uses the keyboard as a gestural input.

Super Power Hour - Gameplay Detail

Super Power Hour

Students create their own superhero characters with wildly different abilities

DS Bluetooth - Cartridge Detail

DS Bluetooth

Enable your Nintendo DS to communicate with countless other devices via Bluetooth.

Sparkfun Hangman - Game Board

Sparkfun Hangman

Two versions of hangman, one using a dial and one using colors and switches.

Tower Defense

Burn and Turn

Capture the princesses and defend your tower - available on several mobile platforms!

Exodus - Gameplay


Piece by piece, change the huge gray city to a small, colorful town.

Subsidized - Installation View


Stay healthy and wealthy in the subsidized agricultural market longer than your opponents.

CommComm - Game Bits Detail


This 2-vs-1 game takes players through various storylines, culminating in a battle between two ghosts and their murderer.

Puppy - Board Detail


A two-player game of things getting awkward fast.

Escape From Spiderhead - Gameplay

Escape from Spiderhead

Players must use various experimental drugs to build up the willpower necessary to sacrifice themselves and save their peers.

Escape From Sea Oak - Board Detail

Escape from Sea Oak

Strategize your job, risks, and alliances in order to escape your humble surroundings and make it to the good life.

Screen shot 2010-10-06 at 7.03.34 PM


A sensory deprivation game in which players must manage their senses and abilities to destroy or evade their opponents.


En Gore

En Gore is a two player turn-based strategy game testing speed and dexterity using the concepts of foil fencing.



Play through five interconnected levels of Lewis Carroll's poem, getting new perspective on the world with each level.

Scatter - Gameplay Detail


A three player cooperative game. Players must work together to escape an increasingly haunted house before it turns them against each other.

Rabbit Kingdom - Full Game

Rabbit Kingdom

A four player competitive game. Players controls both above-ground humans and below-ground rabbits to inflict insanity on the other players.


Trek to Tessalit

A 2 to 4 player competitive game. Players must beat their opponents to the center of the board by managing both their health and morality levels.


Monkey Soup

A monkey must navigate through a hostile environment with the help of a robot built from pieces of his spaceship.


Tube Monkey

Help the monkey avoid distractions and find his spaceship in the center of the planet.



Play Russian Roulette against Brandon with a six-barreled revolver.


Material Girl

Flog and flirt with your crowds of suitors to make all the money you can.


Binary Glove

The binary glove teaches concepts of binary sequences and bits in a fun and engaging way.


Body Hack

An interactive game performance system where users match their bodies to iconic poses in pop culture.



The player controls a boy and a girl, one at a time, as they explore a cave.

Flatland ARG!!! - Post-Game Celebration

Flatland ARG!!!

Flatland ARG!!! is a team based augmented reality game with costumes, props, Nokia tablets, spy balloons, physical stamina, and strategy.

Deiti II - Deiti Tattoo Detail


Detonate all the angry deities by arranging chain reactions.

Blinky-Chanty Box - Box Case

Blinky-Chanty Box

A multiplayer game for cooperative meditative chanting. It uses custom pitch detection software to compare the pitch-based distance between two microphones.