Stretching beyond your comfort zone.




Created Winter and Spring 2019 for the first UCLA Game Lab Undergraduate Design and Development Research Fellowship. The project was advised by Isla Hansen.


Unity, Vive


Marisa Ling  :  Game Designer
Farhan Alam  :  Game Designer
Eugene Wang  :  Game Desigenr

(tuple) is a two-player local co-op game in which players solve puzzles in their environment while being conjoined together both physically and virtually. A custom stretch controller, each end held by one player, conjoins the players in physical space. Stretch and movement of the controller corresponds to the virtual depiction of the players in digital space. Although the players are conjoined physically and virtually, each has a set of independent controls that they must use to advance through challenges like blooming flowers, feeding beans to mysterious heads, and staying out of the rain.