Unity Technologies partners with Studica to offer “Robot Games” Design Contest

Posted on October 21st, 2011

This is an exciting opportunity for students interested in game design! With game design being such a hot trend these days, Studica and Unity are happy to give students the chance to showcase their skills. The challenge for the contest is to develop a web-based game that involves a “robot”. Students have the option to involve the robot however they choose and create any type of game they wish. Students must utilize Unity in the creation of their game. Students can download a free trial via the unity3d.com website or purchase through Studica.com. Students can submit entries via Stutalk, a social-networking site created for students, visit www.stutalk.com/unitygamedesign

Prizes will be awarded including a $500 cash prize as well as free memberships to the design3’s learning site that focuses on 3D animation and video game development tools with over 1,000 tutorials. Winners will be determined by a panel of judges. Deadline for entries is December 16, 2011. Get more info.

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